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Beginners Courses

Once you are on the list for a beginners course we will get back to you as soon as possible to offer you a place on a course.

All EAC beginners courses are conducted by Archery GB qualified coaches and adhere to the Archery GB Beginners curriculum.

In order to receive a certificate of attendance/competency which is a prerequisite of joining Eccles Archery Club you must attend the full 12 hours held over a number of sessions. The number of sessions is dependent upon the availability of the lead coach

Our archery beginners courses take place all year round depending on availability.

All equipment is provided.  Initial training takes place in the EAC Indoor Range.

Fee for the whole course: £70.00 seniors, £45.00 juniors.

Payment should be made in advance of the course and may be by bank transfer or cheque. This is a non-refundable fee, except in exceptional circumstances, or where the place has been accepted and paid for by another applicant. Payment details will be provided on acceptance of a place.

Refreshments: Tea, coffee and water are provided by EAC. Soft drinks and light refreshments are also available for purchase.

If participants choose to join Eccles Archery Club within six weeks of completing the course they will be eligible for a discount on their annual membership of £15 (£10 for juniors).

To book a place contact the Beginners Course Coordinator.

New Archers

Compared with many sports, archery is not expensive, but there are some upfront costs when you have completed a beginners course and have decided to take the sport more seriously.  This issue may be particularly important for families.

Fees for membership of EAC can be given on request.

There are discounts for joining part way through the year (which runs Sept-Aug), and for completing one of our beginners courses.

New archers sometimes ask if it is possible to borrow club equipment after completing a course.  We strongly discourage this for several reasons.

  • An archer needs to have his or her own custom kit.
  • If an archer were to venture on to the line with beginners kit they would immediately be aware of its limitations.
  • Wear & tear on our equipment.
  • Other beginners courses will need the equipment.

Most of the archery shops will give advice and they offer ‘new archer’ packages.  Our coachers will also give advice and information on archery shops

Equipment prices for juniors may be less, but be prepared to buy longer arrows as the body grows!

Second-hand equipment is available, but we would ALWAYS advise that you take advice from an experienced archer before buying.

You need to have a bow that matches you (for draw length and draw weight), and arrows that match you and the bow.


For safety, insurance and child safeguarding reasons, as well as the Archery GB Rules of Shooting, no archery club will allow under 18s to shoot by themselves.

Unlike most clubs, at EAC we have 24/7 access and there are no set times for shooting.

Because of this we insist that all juniors have a parent or designated guardian who is both a qualified archer and a full shooting member of EAC. Therefore, if a junior wants to take the beginners course then a parent or guardian must also take the lessons.

Similarly, if a junior wants to join the club, then a parent or guardian must also join the club as a full shooting member. Presently EAC cannot accept juniors under the age of 10 years for training.




Founded in 1953, our club is on the the western edge of Greater Manchester, very close to the M60/M62 junction 11. We are affiliated to the Lancashire Archery Association (LAA), the Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS) and Archery GB (previously know as The Grand National Archery Society, GNAS).

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